Meet Hélène

Hélène Vincent is a longtime activist for social and environmental justice, an advocate for disability rights, and a champion of the LGBTQ+ community. She is running for City Council because she believes Boston should be inclusive, accessible, and affordable.

The daughter of European immigrants, Hélène’s parents worked hard to provide a good life for her family in the United States. But her parents gave her something even more important: acceptance and love when she came out as gay in college, followed by unconditional support for her marriage to her wife, Alice Lin.

Hélène knows that many other Bostonians also face rejection and discrimination because of their identity or beliefs. Hélène will be a champion on the City Council for respect, equity, and inclusion.

Both of Hélène’s parents are small-business owners, and she watched each of them build something from the ground up. When the Great Recession hit, she worked for her father as he struggled to hold on to his business. Hélène knows that her father’s experience was repeated time and again as small businesses fought to stay afloat during those difficult times. The City Council needs people who understand the opportunities presented by small businesses and entrepreneurs, and the investments needed to support them.

As a longtime board member of the Downtown Boston Rotary Club, Hélène knows that Boston has to invest in local non-profits to keep the community strong. For generations, Rotary has supported local nonprofits through grants and volunteer events. In her recent role as President, Hélène doubled the number of club members and service hours. Today, she continues to support the club’s continued growth and impact.

In 2016, a debilitating ATV accident left Hélène fighting for her life. In her recovery, she experienced physical injury, mental health challenges, and financial hardships. Throughout this experience, she watched as others in Boston with fewer resources, support networks, and financial savings struggled to rebound from their own health crises.  With the support of her wife, Alice, Hélène decided to run for City Council and work towards a more equitable Boston.

In the summer of 2018, Hélène began knocking doors and talking to voters—they want someone who shows up, listens, and understands the issues they care about. Hélène will be that advocate, a tireless champion for the people and organizations of Boston.  

Hélène Vincent and wife, Alice Lin.

With the support of her wife, Alice, Hélène decided that she would champion those who experience both major and minor setbacks. Whether it is addressing the cost of living, which pushes young couples out, or fighting for pay equity that holds women and minorities back, Hélène intends to be a tireless public servant for the people and organizations of Boston.

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