Meet Hélène


Hélène Vincent is a public servant, health advocate, and a champion of the LGBTQ community.

Her decision to run for Boston City Council, representing District 8, stems from her firm belief that all communities should be inclusive, accessible, and affordable.

The daughter of immigrants from France and Germany, Hélène grew up with an appreciation for the American Dream. Her father is a small business owner. Her mother is a translator, and her younger sister is a sailor. She graduated from Brown University, has traveled to 48 countries, and speaks French and Spanish. 

In her recent role as the Director of Research and Academic Partnerships at EF Education, she has successfully designed several effective educational programs. As the current President of the Downtown Boston Rotary Club, she has supported local non-profits through grants and volunteer events and has grown the community organization twofold. Indeed, her life has been full of the vibrancy, work ethic, and success that represents so many of the lives of her friends, neighbors, and colleagues in District 8.

However, Hélène’s story doesn’t begin and end there. Like her fellow District 8 community members, she has seen the challenges that lurk behind the success. In her case, it was a brush with death that opened her eyes. After a debilitating ATV accident in 2016 left her fighting for her life, Hélène experienced the physical, mental health, and financial consequences resulting from a health crisis. While she was able to overcome the stigma around illness, she watched as others with less resources were treated differently and this changed her.

Hélène Vincent and wife, Alice Lin.

With the support of her wife, Alice, Hélène decided that she would champion those who experience both major and minor setbacks. Whether it is addressing the cost of living in District 8, which pushes young couples out, or fighting for pay equity that holds women and minorities back, Hélène intends to be a tireless public servant for the people and organizations of District 8.