Hélène Vincent outlines her vision and top priorities

Hélène Vincent demonstrated a strong understanding of the issues facing District 8 Tuesday night at a candidate forum hosted by the Ward 4 and Ward 5 Democrats at Berklee College of Music. Hélène coupled her progressive vision with stories she has heard from voters to deliver personal and comprehensive answers to the community’s most pressing questions. By doing so, Hélène put the experiences of those for whom she seeks to represent front and center, where they should be, while highlighting her plans to address affordable housing, transportation, the opioid crisis, and more.

During the forum, Hélène detailed the two policies she would prioritize in her first one hundred days in office. First, she will champion a universal pre-kindergarten program to deliver invaluable early childhood care and tackle our growing opportunity gaps. Second, Hélène will outline a city-wide bicycle path plan to cut our city’s carbon emissions and improve safety for both bikers and drivers. These are two concerns that she has heard repeatedly while crisscrossing the district to meet with voters, and they will form the core of her progressive policy agenda once in office.

“That’s why I’m running for City Council: because it’s the closest you can come to being an elected organizer. We need somebody who will show up in the neighborhoods to listen first, understand what matters, and then bring the information, access, and resources back to the neighborhood so we can actually have some parity in negotiation and make our community one we really want to live in.”

Hélène Vincent is a longtime activist for social and environmental justice, an advocate for disability rights, and a champion of the LGBTQ+ community. She was previously Director of Research and Academic Partnerships at EF Education First. Hélène launched her campaign for City Council after observing how power imbalances marginalize unheard residents, and she has made listening a centerpiece of her run. She is running to make Boston inclusive, accessible, and affordable for all.

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