Hélène has a vision for Boston to ensure that it is inclusive, accessible, and affordable for all families.

Women's march with signs including, "keep abortion legal," "stop racism," and "defend women's rights."

Equity & Inclusion

A community is only as strong as its most vulnerable members.

Boston is a city for dreamers. Near 700 people move to Boston each week, looking to improve their lot through hard work and sacrifice. Yet, generations of structural inequity has ensured that only those who are most privileged can effectively capitalize on the City's tremendous resources.

We are all impacted by this inequity. Rising living expenses, lack of capital for small businesses, pay inequity, and under-resourced public schools put the American Dream out of reach for lower-income groups, the working class, and the professional class.

To address this, I plan to work closely with a diverse set of stakeholders - public and private - to promote existing resources to help people move up the economic ladder. I also plan to work closely with the City's economic mobility initiatives to determine what can be done to make it possible for us to live more comfortably and sustainably in our District.

Empty classroom.

PUBLic Education

I am strong supporter of public education. In addition to designing education programs at EF, I grew up with a mother who is a translator and spent many years in excellent public schools with access to effective extracurricular learning activities.

This is what every child deserves, and what all parents hope for in their community's schools.

Boston has one of the oldest public school systems in the United States. We are connected to some of the best higher education institutions in the world. This is why many local families would prefer to send their children to public schools, but the reality is that some of our schools are struggling and families are concerned about their children's futures.

Working with the City Council, I plan to support strategic initiatives that help Boston Public Schools and their teachers receive the support they need to implement rigorous academic standards and create safe learning environments. I will also highlight all the bright spots of our public education system to ensure that families know about their options.

Back bay row houses.

Affordable Housing

All growth should be thoughtful growth.

As Boston’s buoyant economy attracts new talent, the cost of living is reaching new highs. A recent report from the Boston Globe reports that rents have gone up 4% this year, leaving the rent-burdened with limited options: pay up or leave. And while homeowners are less cost-burdened in comparison, many pay monthly mortgages exceeding 30% of their gross income. It is clear to me that affordability remains an issue now more than ever.

If elected, I plan to support the Mayor’s and the City Council’s efforts to build a supply of affordable housing across the City.